Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Egg Fun!

Let's see,  I've decorated my stapler, my heat gun and forgot about the plastic eggs dyed with alcohol inks and felt on MyBlendAll™. They are such a delight. I believe Tim Holtz has done this with white plastic eggs but I used pink, yellow, blue and green plastic eggs with various shades of alcohol inks pounced all over the egg.  They dry so fast but even if you smear part of it, it's so easy to "fix." I used copper or silver as an additive to the colors. 

The more you work with them, the better the final effect! The two different sized ends on MyBlendAll™ were perfect for the two different size eggs I used. Try it!! 

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

MyBlendAll™ by Studio-Mosaic

MyBlendAll™ Introduction

View Video Introduction at this Link

  MyBlendAll™ by Studio-Mosaic is a tool for those who want to blend inks, including alcohol inks, acrylic paints or pastels.
  This original round wooden blending implement's main features are the round ends, the convenience of a double-sided blender, and the comfortable grip.
  The circular ends,  one 1 ½” and the other 1”, give more control for blending intensity. They also eliminate any hard edges when blending in the logical circular motion that occurs naturally with the shape of the tool.
Each end of the MyBlendAll™ tool has a permanent hook fastener (from hook/loop material).  The hook accommodates both felt or craft foam (preferably thick craft foam, but not necessary). The craft foam requires a loop fastener (also from hook/loop material.  Felt is used only for alcohol inks and the craft foam blends paints, pastels, as well as alcohol inks. 
The foam and felt are easily replaced by the user with materials from a local craft store, or purchased from Studio-Mosaic at MyBlendAll.com.
  The foam can be wiped clean, then used over and over again but the felt, because it easily becomes saturated, needs to be changed when colors become muddy.
  MyBlendAll™ can also have another “life.” If disk shapes are cut out of sand paper and affixed with loop material, they may also be used on the MyBlendAll™. Now you have a small sander for decoupage, distressing cardstock, etc.
  MyBlendAll™ is handmade in the USA, no two are identical.  The wooden tool is made from recycling the cast-offs of a special product.

 Shipping - for now, USA and CANADA only. USA Cost is $5.99 plus $3.50 shipping/handling up to 2 MyBlendAlls.  Canadians...email me so that I may determine the shipping cost and send you an invoice for the total.